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Paul D. Mathewson, Consultant  

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    Paul Mathewson, Retired

    Geophysical Interpretation, Visualization & Database Management Software Tools
    Contract Proprietary & Custom Third-Party Software Architecture, Design, Development, Evaluation & Testing Services.

    Career Overview

    • Physicist/Geophysicist Software Developer & Consultant with over 40 years of contracting experience in Design, Development and Implementation of highly technical applications. In-depth experience specializing in Geophysical/Geological and Electrical Management software applications. Advanced experience in C, C++, Pro-C, Fortran, X11, Xt, OpenGL, Motif, Qt, Oracle, SQL, ArcSDE, OpenSpirit on multiple Unix/Linux operating systems.  Developer of SAMUEL 2D/3D  & SAMUEL CSI interactive geophysical exploration software.  Owner of Interactive Exploration Services, GPC Sales & Leasing, Inc., Computer Physics Corporation, Seismic Outsource Solutions, Inc.

    • Professional Services

      • Design, development and consulting of application software for Linux (Red Hat, Digital Unix, HPUX, Slackware, etc.) Systems, Sun Microsystems Sparc (SunOS/Solaris) systems,  Intel PC (Win 95/98/NT/XP, Linux) systems. X-Windows(X11), Xlib, C, GCC, Visual C++, MFC, OLE, Openwin, Motif, Qt, TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, HTML, Fortran, Tk/Tcl, SQl, Oracle, etc.
      • Consulting services provided for application development, management and outsourcing solutions. Evaluation of application development & migration. Evaluation of internal versus external solutions. Evaluation of vendor solutions & practices. Audit of vendor processes before, during and post delivery.


      • Geophysical, Geological, Petrophysical, EMS SCADA.
      • Advanced development of software products and support modules for:  Schlumberger (GeoFrame, Charisma, IESX, ProSource, Petrel),  Landmark Graphics Corporation (Seisworks, OpenWorks), OpenSpirit, etc.
      • UNIX, LINUX, X11, Motif, Qt, C, C++, Fortran, SQL, ORACLE, HTML, JAVA, etc.


      • Shell International Exploration & Production (Motif Port to Qt on Linux & Windows Platforms)
      • Schlumberger (ProSource Seismic & Seismic Editor Products)
      • Schlumberger (GeoFrame, IESX, Charisma & SEGY Editor Products)
      • Schlumberger-Geco
      • Landmark Graphics Corporation
      • Digicon Geophysical
      • Alantic Richfield (ARCO)
      • Geophysical/Geological Interpretation Areas - OnShore Texas & Gulf of Mexico (ARCO), Georges Bank, Grand Banks, Gulf of Mexico (Transocean Oil), Alaska Point Barrow Slope (USGS - Tectra Tech), Argentina Chaco Basin & South China Sea (Texaco Overseas Holdings), Pakistan Punjab (Union of California), Nigeria & Cuba (GeoGlobal Resources)
      • ABB Network Management (formerly Bailey Network Management).

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