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Seismic Outsource Solutions, Inc.

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Seismic Interpretation & Visualization Software Tools & Development
for Windows(Touch Display compatible), Linux(RHEL & UBUNTU) & UNIX(Solaris) platforms.
Geophysical software development services offered provide supplemental tools for stratigraphic and structural interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data utilizing clear, direct menus for SCSI tape input, tape and disc file analysis, interpretation and mapping of SEG-Y seismic, VSP and well log data. Customized proprietary add-ons for pre-stack gathers, on-the-fly stacking, AVO/AVA processing, etc. are available.

Software Development for:

  • 2D & 3D Seismic Interpretation
    • Interactive Horizon & Fault Picking, Horizon Flattening
    • Interactive Contouring / Mapping of Time & Amplitude Values
    • Interactive Image / Picture Creation
    • 3D Time Slices & 3D Horizon Auto-Tracking
    • Integration of Seismic, VSP and Well Log Data
  • Post Application Analysis
    • Rapid Analysis of Data Values from SEG- Y
    • Rapid Verification of Multiple Data Processes
  • Archival
    • Data / Media Conversion for Near Line & Permanent Storage
    • Image Generation and Storage for Rapid Access
    • Database Management (DBMS - ODBC based for universal integration).

Copyright(1992-2017) by Paul Mathewson, Applications Developer & Consultant
Last modified: 02/01/17
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