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    Energy Management Integration (Electrical Power Transmission/Distribution) Project Experience. Performed duties as primary EMS System Integrator to migrate enterprise as well as proprietary applications & database from legacy systems to upgraded installations. Upgrade process required detailed exactness to permit live switchover in major world power markets.
  • Alberta Electric System Operator (Canada) (upgrade)

  • Austin Energy (support)

  • California ISO (upgrade)

  • Colorado Springs Utility (upgrade)

  • Colbun (Chile) (upgrade)

  • Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) (2004 - database development),(2012-2013 (upgrade)

  • Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) (support)

  • Compania de Transporte de Energia Electrica en Alta Tension (Transener) (upgrade)

  • Detroit Energy (upgrade)

  • East Kentucky Power Cooperative (upgrade)

  • Edelca (Venezuela) (upgrade)

  • Electricty of Vietnam (support)

  • El Paso Electric (support)

  • Empresa de Transmision Electrica (Panama) (support)

  • Exelon Power Team (upgrade)

  • Great Lakes Power (upgrade)

  • Hedmark (Norway) (upgrade)

  • Indiana Power & Lighting (upgrade)

  • Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (Costa Rica) (upgrade)

  • IRAQ - Fluor Daniel (support)

  • ITAIPU (Brazil) (support)

  • ITC Holdings Corp. (support)

  • Jamaica Public Service (Jamaica) (support)

  • Louisiana Generating (NRG) (support) (oracle upgrade)

  • Louisiana Energy and Power Authority (upgrade)

  • Lower Colorado River Authority (support)

  • LyseNett (Norway) (upgrade)

  • Oakville Hydro (Canada) (upgrade)

  • Oficina de Operacion de Sistemas Interconectados (Venezuela) (upgrade)

  • PEPCO (support)

  • PacifiCorp (support)

  • Petroleos de Venezuela (upgrade)

  • Reliant Energy (HL&P) (upgrade)

  • Salt River Project (upgrade)

  • Snowy Mountains Hygro-Electric Authority (Australia) (upgrade)

  • SUEZ Energy North America (Tractebel) (support)

  • Tacoma Power (support)

  • Tenaska Energy (support)

  • Texas Genco (support)




Last modified: 05/20/13