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2D Offshore Data Map

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SAMUEL CSI Lite Tutorial

Originally developed in 1993, SAMUEL was used to interpret 10,500 kilometers of data from Peru.The adjacent map is only one of 45 maps generated with the output from SAMUEL. The dataset consisted of over 870,000 traces with time depths beyond 10 seconds. SAMUEl's ASCII Export routines permit data transfer to all map and plotting software packages.

2D Seismic and Well Base Map Display

The 2d basemap window is representative of a 2D seismic grid within SAMUEL. This display includes both seismic and well locations. The seismic lines are automatically updated with a ribbon color as a horizon is picked on the 2D seismic profile to quickly locate mis-ties and structural variations in plain view. The map window is designed to select active lines or line segments for display in the seismic window.

Horizon and fault interpretation

The red line in the above map window represents the line selected for display. The green segment represents the range selected. The seismic window includes both horizon and well data overlaying the seismic profile. The Formation tops are identified on the well profile in time to facilitate horizon identification.




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