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3D Basemap

View CSI 3D Demo (.swf)
SAMUEL CSI Lite Tutorial

The 3D basemap window display posts both well names and locations. The green line represents the correlating inline/xline position of the 3D survey.

3D Inline Seismic Display

The 3D inline seismic display has line tie, horizons, faults and well locations posted. Both horizons deep_1 and a1 are partitioned by listric faults. The well profiles did not penetrate this deep section, but their surface locations remain on the seismic profile display.

Wiggle Trace Display

This seismic window displays wiggle traces with a variable area fill. The window overlaying the seismic window is that of a VSP display. VSP's and well curves are displayed in separate windows which permit flexible scrolling and viewing anywhere within the seismic survey.

3D Horizon Map

The 3D horizon map of C38 (a shallow event) was interpreted using SAMUEL's auto-tracking routines.




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Last modified: 01/29/12